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Heroscape: Retailer Launch Bundle PRE-ORDER

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Direct orders for the Launch Bundle have now sold out. Please contact your prefered distributor to inquire about ordering from them.

The bundle includes everything needed for a great Heroscape launch in your store. Within the bundle is a POP kit containing a poster, a window cling, a table topper, and a shelf talker, all featuring Heroscape art. This bundle also contains 12 pre-painted Sgt. Drake Alexander Promo miniatures to incentivize presales of the first 12 Heroscape pre-orders in your store. Lastly, a free Heroscape branded demo table and a demo copy of the Age of Annihilation Master Set Premium Painted Edition completes the package. This table and demo copy can be used as a display piece, a way to demonstrate gameplay, and to generate interest and excitement!

Retailer Launch Bundles are limited to one per store location and are only available while supplies last. These bundles are limited to 500 stores worldwide.

This bundle includes:

  • Heroscape: Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box x12 MSRP $540
  • Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set x8 MSRP $1000
  • Heroscape: The Grove at Laur’s Edge Terrain Expansion x6 MSRP $300
  • Heroscape: Sgt. Drake Alexander Miniature Promo x12 MSRP $180
  • Heroscape: Launch POP Kit x1
  • Heroscape Display Table x1
  • Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set Premium Painted Edition x1

The Sgt. Drake Alexander Miniature Promos are provided FREE as part of the bundle and their value will not be included as part of the price when checking out.