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Heroscape Retailer Info

Heroscape Preorders Wave 1

You want Heroscape in your store!

Players assemble armies with highly detailed pre-constructed miniatures, craft the battlefield through a fully modular terrain system, and clash in epic confrontations of strategy!

With a community-driven experience, accessible gameplay mechanics, and comprehensive organized play support from launch, this is a game made for stores!

Bookmark this Heroscape Page dedicated to everything Game Retailers need to know.

This page will be updated regularly with the latest Heroscape Retailer information.

Get started today with 3 simple steps:

Step 1! Sign up for a Renegade Retailer direct account. Click here!

  • Get access to free POP Kits!
  • Access Organized Play Kits with exclusive minis as prizes!
  • Access to Limited Edition items!
  • Order direct from Renegade

Already have an account? Go to Step 2

Step 2! Sign up for Heroscape Organized Play. Click here!

  • Organized Play at launch
  • Exclusive miniatures for your players when you order a launch event kit!
  • National Heroscape Day Stores events in October 2024
  • Store Championships in 2025
  • New organized play kits for in store tournaments released regularly
  • Check out Heroscape Organized Play here!

Step 3! Pre-order Heroscape so you have it for release day in your store!

  • Order the Heroscape: Pre-Order POP Kit here!
  • Order the Heroscape: Retailer Launch Bundle here! (and get the cool Display Table you see below)
  • Order the Heroscape: August 2024 Launch Tournament OP Kit here!
  • See all the Heroscape items available to order individually here!
  • See Heroscape authorized distributors here!