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Renegade's Origins: A Look Back To the Beginning!

It's our 10th anniversary! Look back at 2014 and 2015 and see where it all began!2024 marks 10 years of making games for Renegade Game Studios! In 2014 Founder and President Scott Gaeta created the co…

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Get Crimes & Capers Games at a HUGE Discount!

Get Crimes & Capers Games at a HUGE Discount!Get all three of the Crimes & Capers games at a great low price here! In Crimes & Capers, players work together to solve a mystery. No special skills or kn…

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Intro to Card Crafting

Intro to Card CraftingWhat is card crafting?  Pioneered by John D. Clair in 2016 with his hit game, Mystic Vale, card-crafting is a revolutionary spin on the deck-building game format. Unlike co…

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Gen Con Worlds Collide: The Pony Puzzle Event - Character Preperations!

My Little Pony RPG CrossoversThanks to the Essence20 Roleplaying System’s cross compatible design, gamers can combine their favorite popular culture settings in epic crossover campaigns. No book embod…

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Great Deals on Renegade Puzzles!

Get a huge discount on select Renegade Puzzles!Save 75% on a large selection of Renegade Puzzles here!Our 1000 piece puzzles will provide a fun and challenging activity you can do on your own or with…

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​Flash Sale! Get The Search for Lost Species for only $10!

Flash Sale! Get The Search for Lost Species for only $10!Act fast! The first 50 customers who seize this opportunity can get The Search for Lost Species for only $10! Use code TSFLS10TH at checkout!Or…

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