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Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set PRE-ORDER

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Heeroscape Age of Annihilation Master Set Minis 1
Pre-order now for an August 2024 release!
For a limited time, orders will receive a copy of the Heroscape: Sgt. Drake Alexander Miniature Promo at no additional cost. The Heroscape: Sgt. Drake Alexander Miniature Promo will be automatically added to your cart when you order Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set.
Peace is but a dream on the remote planet of Valhalla. The mighty Valkyrie generals lead warring factions into a new age of battle. The Valkyrie summon their hardened heroes and new champions from distant worlds into the fight. Old alliances have fallen and new ones will form. The fate of Valhalla will be won through the flames of war. Join warriors from across time and space they battle in HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION. Choose your scenario, build your battlefield, select your army, and fight to win!
The Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set contains a generous amount of content to support hours of epic 2-player gaming sessions. Players will be able to draft their armies and play through scenarios that take place during the Battle of All Time. The Heroscape: Age of Annihilation Master Set is for both newcomers and players of yesteryear. It is also compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape content.
  • 20 brand new highly detailed unpainted miniatures for Heroscape!
  • Includes interlocking Laur wall terrain!
  • 74 locking hex tiles!
  • Features 9 new scenarios to support hours of gameplay!
  • Compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape releases!
  • Master Set supports 2 players, supports up to 4 players with the addition of a Battle Box or Master Set.
  • 20 Detailed, Fully Assembled Unpainted Miniatures
  • 74 Hex tile terrain pieces
  • 23 Laur wall terrain pieces
  • 8 Combat Dice
  • 1 20-sided die
  • 8 Order Markers
  • 21 Wound Markers
  • 3 Powder Markers
  • 3 Consume Markers
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 11 Glyphs
  • 11 Army Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Scenario Guide
At a Glance
  • For Ages: 14+
  • Game Type: Miniature Game
  • Players: 2 players [Supports up to 4 players with the addition of a Battle Box or Master Set.]
  • Game Length: 60-120 minutes