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Level Up Loot 2

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Level up your collection of Renegade titles with these promo items! They have been hand-picked to add new and unique experiences to your games — some through new game play and some through added ambience.

Contents Summary:

  • Altiplano: 1 Alpaca Rider Role Tile 
  • Architects of the West Kingdom: 2 Promo Cards 
  • Clank! In! Space!: 1 Cruel Doctor Promo Card 
  • Ex Libris: 1 Upgraded First Player Marker 
  • Gates of Delirium: Sacrificial Fire Mini Expansion
  • Junk Orbit: Tours Mini Expansion
  • Lanterns Dice: The Legendary Lakes Scorepad
  • Paladins of the West Kingdom 5 Promo Cards 
  • The Tea Dragon Society Card Game: 1 First Player Marker 
  • Terror Below: 1 Renegade Racer Pawn 
  • Time Chase: 1 Time Travel Car Pawn 
  • Rules Sheet