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Warp's Edge Viren Invasion

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The Bugs Are Back

This expansion pack adds more Viren forces for pilot Taylor Minde to defeat in Warp's Edge, the solo bag-building game of space combat.

Face off against new Viren motherships and their swarming fleets. But not all is doom and gloom! Taylor now has access to new skills and new starfighters with loadouts specially designed to combat the isectoid menace.

Expansion only. Requires the Warp's Edge base game.

Game Contents:

  • 9 Pilot Tokens
  • 1 Starfighter Dashboard
  • 1 Mothership Dasboard
  • 3 Skill Cards
  • 6 Enemy Cards
  • 2 Phase Markers
  • 1 Rule Sheet

At a Glance:

  • Ages 10+
  • 1 Player
  • 30-45 Minutes

Download the rules here.